Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We Love to Read!

I love reading! I also love to read aloud. This year at Chapel Glen we were given the challenge to create a list of books that we read together as a class. Rather than creating a list, I decide to create a book-cover-mural in our hallway.

This is just a start. Since I took this picture a few days ago we have added even more. Like I said, we love to read in room 36! I like having the book covers displayed because it helps the kids remember what each book was and what it was about. Ask your child which books they have enjoyed so far!

That also brings me to some good news! There is this wonderful site called Donors Choose . This site is for teachers to join and for everyone to donate. Teachers set up projects that they would like to create but just don't have the funding. People from all over the world then visit this site and donate money to projects they are interested in seeing come true. I joined the site last year in hopes that I wold receive funding from generous people around the world for projects I wanted to do in our classroom. Well, my wish came true last year because my project for 25 books on tape was funded! This year I decided to try again. I wrote a project to receve about 50 books, from Chysanthemum to Tar Beach to Magic School Bus. My project was funded in only 2 weeks! Today I recieved all 50 books! I am so excited to share these books this year! Look for the book covers to join "Mrs. Reed's Reads" very soon!

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