Friday, April 16, 2010

Our Garden!

Today was a great day to plant! The weather the last two days had been pretty hot but today was nice and cool after a quick morning shower. After getting our supplies ready we headed outside with our greenhouses full of sprouts. Yesterday we spread garden soil, compost manure, and flower and vegetable food on top of our garden. The kids each took turns mixing those important parts in with the soil.

Today, 3 sets of partners used shovels to dig the holes for the seeds they had planted last week. I helped them line up the sprouts evenly in a line. They got to do all the digging! In the front of each row, we placed an identification card so we would know what was growing where. Each set of partners made the cards and a group of kids voted on which would be placed outside. The extra card will be used later. Here are a few kids planting their sprouts:

Enjoy this quick video of them in action:

Here is our completed garden:

All we have to do now is water, feed, and keep the weeds out! Hopefully we'll see some produce before summer vacation (if not, plan on a "pick"nic!)

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