Saturday, November 6, 2010

Science Projects

Sorry for the lack of updates recently! Several posts the next few days will bring you up to date from our last few weeks :)

In preparing for our field trip to the farm, we studied about plants and their life cycle. We read lots of books about pumpkins and how they start as a seed and progress to big orange pumpkins! To show the cycle, each kid made a "pumpkin". Here are the kids working:

Jalen painting his pumpkin.

Jasmyn and Kayla painting

Brayden, Zoe, and Shaine putting their pumpkin cycle together.

The kids also made leaf animals and tissue paper flowers. The flowers took a lot of hard work and the kids had to pay attention and follow directions to get them to look good. They did a great job and they turned out so nice!!

First we had to paint the stems:

Then we had to make the flower petals, which was really hard!

Then they glued on the leaves and the roots for a complete flower!

All of the projects the kids worked on turned out fantastic! They also learned a lot about plants :)

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