Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Family Night

Tuesday night we had our second Family Celebration! We had 207 people in attendance which was an improvement from the fall Family Night, which had 206 :) The first graders started the night by telling the audience a little about each of the holidays we studied. They also sang a song they learned to go with the holidays. Here is a quick part of the Hannukah song:

After the presentation, families joined in the cafeteria for holiday snacks! There were so many different desserts to choose from. I had my eye on the Oreo desserts! Students shared their projects that had worked on the week prior with each other and their familes. I heard so many family members talking to each other saying how nice it was to finally meet. That is one of the main reasons we have these fun nights. We love to see our students' parents, but it is also nice for you family members to meet each other :)

Enjoy some pictures from the rest of the evening:

Thank you all for coming out!!

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