Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Student Treasures!

There is a book publishing company called Student Teasures. For the last three years I have participated in this program. For participate, you must have your students write and illustrate a book. For first grade, I have the students create one class book that each child has one page in. This year the title will be Fruits and Vegetables A to Z. It was nice to incorporate our writing and learning with the nutrition speaker that was visiting us.

Well, Mrs Deaton's class actually is writing their own fruit and vegetable book as well. So we decided that we wanted our students to try some of the fruits and veggies that most children have not tried (or even Mrs. Reed!!). So I went to the store and found several of the fruits and veggies that we were writing about. Check out some of the videos below to see what the kids liked.


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