Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Field Trip

Last Friday the kids went to the Children's Museum for their 2nd field trip! To prepare, we spent last week learning about fairy tales as well as space!

First we saw The Frog Prince play in the Lilly Theater. It was great...very funny! A lot of the kids said the play was their favorite part.

Then we visited the Planetarium. We saw The Secret of the Cardboard Rocket, which (I'm not going to lie) was ok. It had some language that is not first grade vocabulary. The kids did love going to the Planetarium though :)

Then we had lunch. Thanks to all my parents for being so understanding when the Museum s

hifted us to a different spot!!

We ended the day at the Dinosphere, which is a big favorite!

On the way home, there was definitely less talking because they were so worn out! What a fun day though!

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  1. Looks like the children had a wonderful outing! I'd taken Dylan the weekend before Spring Break and she saw the play, The Frog Prince (and loved it!). Thanks for sharing the great pictures!


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