Friday, August 3, 2012

First Day!

Well the first day has come and gone...and boy am I tired! Here is a quick rundown of what we did today (because I'm sure it might be too much to remember!):

First the students came in and found their desks. They had a few back to school pages to work on as their classmates came in. Then we went through the supplies! From the minute they walked in, they were ready to get them out! If you are in need of a supply list, go to the parent info tab above and click on supply list. I hope everyone can have their supplies in by Wednesday.

After the giant task of supplies, we practiced hallway and stairway procedures. Now that your child is on the lower level at CGE, they will be using the stairs a lot! We don't want any injuries, so we practiced safety! We also checked out the cafeteria to find our table.

When we came back from our quick tour, we read First Day Jitters. We talked about the different feelings that children and teachers might have on the first day and made a class chart. Then each student created a picture of their face showing their feelings on the first day. I forgot to take a picture of the chart we made - I'll try to add it later. Most of the children were happy and excited to begin first grade!

I then took a picture of each student because we use pictures for quite a few things and they always look so nice on the first day :) Then it was time for lunch! Boy were they hungry - even at 10:50! Recess came next and it was a hot one!

Next we got to meet Owen, the class tortoise. Owen was pretty outgoing and really seemed to like Vincent. He crawled towards him three times in a row!

We then went to specials class. There are only four special classes but we have five first grades, which means I divide up my class into four groups and they go with another class. I will be sending home the schedule Monday so you know where your child goes everyday.

We finished the day by making a short book about first grade! We also took a class picture. Look at all those smiling faces!

Have a great weekend and get lots of sleep for our busy week next week!

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