Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Back to School!

Today was the students’ first day back from winter break. It was great to see the after what felt forever! We also had a really great day! Everyone was on green and we didn’t waste any time remembering procedures. I hope we continue having such good days!

This week is only four days so we are going to be working hard on our spelling words as well as our word wall words. This week’s spelling list is somewhat hard. We are working on verbs with ed and ing endings. Make sure you help your child pay attention to which words double the final consonant. Not all of them do! The word wall words are all review words but we chose them because they are the ones students have struggled with the most.

We got so much done today that I saved a fun activity for the end of the day! I found out what I will be having in April and I made it into a little prediction activity! First the students chose either the word boy or girl and colored it. They also colored a baby. They glued their word on a class chart to show how they all voted. Then they glued their baby on a page and wrote three predictions. The guessed the gender, hair color, and eye color.

Most of the kids picked their own gender but as it turns out, we're having a boy!

Over the winter break I had a small party with my family and friends to reveal our baby’s gender. Feel free to watch the video below:

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