Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Recap!

Even though last week was only three days, we sure did a lot! We read two different Thanksgiving Reader's Theater scripts, painted Turkeys, made Thansgvigin shopping lists, and wrote about our favorite part of our Thanksgiving meal.
We also made dreamcatchers, which were one of the favorite projects of the week by many!

Using Native American symbols, the kids made their own 'buffalo skin' stories.

Here is Shaylen with her skin story.

Here is Byant with his skin story.

Here is Austin with his skin story.

We also enjoyed a huge Thanksgiving Feast! Thank you to all the healthy food donations! A special thanks to Jaquese and Elijah for helping out!

The November book reports were also turned in today to wrap up a wonderful November!


  1. hi Mrs.Reed I am at my mom's haveing a good time.By the way it is 9:50


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