Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Personal Narratives Videos

This week the kids will be working on writing personal narratives. We will work on the whole writing process such as a prewriting, editing, rough drafts, and publishing. The part I am most excited about it that this involves a lot of technology!

Today we started our prewrites. The kids all logged onto a computer and used a software program called Kidspiration. This program is really cool because the kids can make webs that help them organize their ideas. We will continue working on our webs tomorrow and then we will move on to our rough drafts! After they have written their first draft and had a peer editor check it, they will revise their work. After another round of edits (with me!) they will be ready to publish!

Most of the time publishing means typing it or writing it on cool fancy paper. Not this time! Hopefully by the end of next week all the kids will have recorded themselves reading their narratives on Audacity. After they have recorded their story they will turn it into a video on Windows Movie Maker. They will have sounds and even pictures in their video! After we have all completed our published piece I will create a class DVD that all they parents can have!

You can check out the sample video I made on the class website under Podcasts.

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