Sunday, February 13, 2011

Money, Money, Money

Last week we started working on money! To start this unit, we spent almost all of the week practicing coin identification and coin values. The kids did a great job identifying the front of the coins when they were colored. The back of the coins presented a big problem and when they weren't colored was even harder. Of course, in real life our coins are always colored but many times coins become tarnished or discolored, so we practiced with black and white pictures as well as colored.

By the end of the week we were getting better. So Thursday, we played a quick game with only the back of the coins and they were in black in white. Two kids lined up at the tape line with their fly swatters. I told them which coin to id and they raced to slap it! Check out a few here:

This week we are going to get into counting a lot more! We will start by counting like groups (only nickels or only dimes). Then we will start counting groups of nickels and dimes or nickels and pennies. So keep practice at home! Hopefully we will be ready for an assessment by Friday, but I will be checking all week to see how we are progressing.

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