Friday, October 28, 2011


In case you didn't know, I love technology! First graders love technology too (in case you didn't know that either)! We have been to the computer labe several times this year so far in addition to using the computers in our classroom. Some people ask me whether or not first graders can do much on a computer. My answer is "Of course they can!" While it definitely takes time and practice, we are learning so much already! If you are wondering what we learn about computers in first grade, here are a few things:

logging into the computer

accessing the internet

bookmarking favorites

finding the address bar and typing a new address

access Microsoft Word

typing (capital letters, sentences, using punctuation)

adding a picture to a word document


These are all things that adults can do in a cinch! First graders however have to learn these skills and they have done great!

They even got to show off to our superintendent, Dr. Butts, and the school board! They did such an awesome job!


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