Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eagle Creek

A couple weeks ago we had our first field trip! We went to Eagle Creek Park. When we first arrived, we had to drive for a couple minutes to get to the Discovery Center. Along the way the children pointed out all the different color leaves they saw. It was really a perfect time to visit the park. The park had arrainged three different stations for the children to visit. One station was about Indiana wildlife, one was about insects, and the third was a nature hike. After the three stations, the children had a picnic lunch and time to play on the playground. Due to a little time issues and buses missing the road, some groups were able to do the nature scavenger hunt and some ran out of time. In all, we had a great field trip! It takes a while to get a lot of pictures loaded into the blog, so instead, I made a video! Enjoy!



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