Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Document This!

I have another awesome project posted on Donors Choose that I can't wait to get! I have asked for a document camera, which is kind of like an overhead know what I'm talking about. Those old boxes with the long neck that shows transparencies on a screen. They are always in someone's view! They are like 100 degrees and blind whoever is trying to write or look at it. Not to mention the big bulky cart that it has to be wheeled around on. How practical?? A document camera is way better because it isn't hot or blinding and all the kids can use it! It also can sit on the corner of my desk which won't be blocking the view of anyone. You also don't have to have those icky transparencies! You can put any piece of paper underneath the lens and it shows the exact same thing on your screen! I can do an activity along with my students or I can show their work on the screen. I am waiting so patiently for this project to get funded, but I am also very antsy!! They are going to love seeing their work large and in sight for everyone to see! Be sure to check out the page by clicking on the link above...passing on the word would be cool too!

The winner of this new-age battle? Definitely the document camera!

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  1. I love these! IU has them in most of the large lecture rooms. I've used them tons of time. Even college students love to use them!


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