Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Writer's Workshop

Writer's Workshop is a 30 minute time block in the morning where the students work on improving their writing. First we meet on the carpet and start with a mini lesson. Mini lessons are 5-10 minute lessons on one specific topic. These lessons are meant to be used in their writing a little at a time. These lessons can also be repeated throughout the year to help create consistent writing habits. This week we worked a lot on including capital letters and periods.


After the mini lesson, the kids all go back to their seats and write in their Writer's Notebooks. During the first week of school, the kids created heart maps. These maps list ideas that are close to each child's heart. If a child is unsure of what to write about that day, he can look at his heart map to get an idea.


While the kids are writing, I am conferencing with a small group about a common topic I have noticed or with just one child on one piece of their writing. Most conferences focus on one skill or topic. A conference will take place before a child is ready to publish a piece of writing so that it is a piece he can be proud of.


Finally, at the end of Writer's Workshop, we share our writing. We can share several ways. One person at a time can share (usually 3-5 students), partner share, or small-group share. This gives all the children a chance to share what they are writing. They may not get a chance to share everyday, but during the week they will have most likely shared at least once.

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