Saturday, September 11, 2010

Literacy Stations

Now that we are into our fifth week of school (can you believe it?) the kids have been hard at work in independant literacy stations. Monday through Thursday the kids visit three stations a day. They don't all visit the same ones; just stations that fit their needs. This is also when I conduct guided reading, which is 15 minutes in like-ability small groupings. I meet with all six groups during the week, some more than others and we focus on one skill per day (comprehension, phonics, fluency, etc).

While I meet with guided reading groups, the other children, in their groups, work at several different areas around the room. Computers and the reading corner are big favorites! Starfall and Spelling City are the two sites I use most. Spelling City will be introduced soon! The reading corner is great because the kids get to choose from lots of different books and there are some comfy spots to enjoy a book.

The children also work on the week's word wall words and phonics sounds. The also visit the listening center to follow along in a book as they listen to it on tape. Other stations come and go, depending on what is needed. Matching games are great because I have several choices (we have focused on rhyming words lately).

Magnetic words is great because kids can practice making words of all types: names, spelling words, word wall words, color words, etc.

To keep the students on track and aware of their time, a timer is placed on the screen and uses chimes to alert them when their time is almost up and when they need to clean up and switch. So far, they have done a great job managing their time and working together.

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