Sunday, August 14, 2011

Donor's Choose

There is a fantastic website called Donor's Choose. It is a place for teachers t post projects or ideas that they would love to have for the classroom but don't have the money to provide. I have used this website for the last three years and have received many wonderful classroom supplies: books on tape, big books, a document camera, and video cameras. Over the summer I had a project fulfilled to receive a webcam! I currently have a project title Games for First Grade Brains! You can check out the project and donate here. It would be really awesome if you could share the link to my project so that hopefully it can be fulfilled soon! As a newer teacher, I still don't have as many resources as I would like to have in my classroom. This project will help me have ample games for the children to use during math and reading stations. Projects are funded through donations of all sizes! It doesn't matter how much someone can give whether it's $5 or $50. I know there are generous people out there that will help bring these wonderful materials to our classroom! I can't wait to get them and share them with the kids!

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