Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Full Week!

This is our first full week of the year and we sure have a lot planned! To start off, we are reviewing many concepts that our students learned in kindergarten. We are reading simple stories that use common sight words. Each child will bring home a bag of words on Wednesday that I will check next week. Please review these words with your child. If they are having trouble reading any, these words are a great place to start practicing!

We are also reviewing numbers 1-20 this week. We are practicing writing numbers 1-9 with touchpoints as well as reading them in word form. Next week we will starting working on groups of numbers and objects. We will make groups of 2, 5, and 10. We will wrap up our review next week by comparing groups by using the words more, fewer, and the same. Look for these math concepts next week on homework!

We starting using our Writer's Notebooks this week as well. The children all made their first page titled "All About Me". The wrote a description of themselves and/or some things they like and drew great self-portraits! We talked about how we write about things that we love and created heart maps to glue inside our notebooks. That way each student has a 'map' reminder of things they like to write about!

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