Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Math Games

Our math block is broken up into two parts: 45 minutes before specials and (almost) 45 minutes after specials. I really love this setup because it gives the kids a break after they work really hard! It also gives me a quick break to get set up for the fun part of our math block: games! Nearly every math lesson I teach has a math game that accompanies it! Awesome! These games aren't long or extremely complicated. Sometimes they might not really be games in the true sense. However, if I approach it with the same enthusiasim they kids are beyond excited and can't wait to get back fromspecials just so they can play! Currently I have 23 students, so when everyone is at school, I usually get to play with one child. Most games are set up for pairs, although some are for groups or even individuals. Here is a sneak peek into math game time:





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