Saturday, September 24, 2011


Technology is everywhere! If you're reading this blog then you definitely know it! Kids use to get textbooks in school and maybe workbooks. Now, however, you can get so many more resources as a teacher and now even as a student or parent! I want to share with you some of the resources you can use at home for extra practice or even just for fun!


Currently our math series is published by Houghton Mifflin. They have a site that has several math games for the kids to play. You can access this site here.

HM also has a site that can be helpful for parents. You can visit it by clicking here.


Macmillan McGraw-Hill publishes the reading series that we use and it is the Treasures Reading series. The first grade reading series has 5 hardback books, divided up by units. You can access the first grade links by clicking on the correct book/unit here.


You can view many resources for our science series, published by Pearson. You can watch videos, read some of the lessons, and watch virtual labs! I have created a login for each student so they can all access the content. Their login user name is their first and last name (no capitals or spaces - example: bobsmith). The password for all students is room37. You can access the login page here.

I really hope you can take the time to look around a little and hopefully show your child at home. Many children pick up on technology very quickly and youmight only have to show them once or twice! Then they can just get on, have fun, and learn! I am always available to help you navigate any of these resources as well as share others!

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