Monday, September 19, 2011

Writer's Notebooks

In addition to the awesome Math Journals, every student also has a Writer's Notebook. At the beginning of the year, each student created their own heart map to write down ideas that were close to their hearts. Almost everyday during Writer's Workshop, each student writes in their notebook. I usually don't give them a topic that they have to write about (although I do give a 2-3 suggestions for those that have a hard time deciding) so they are always writing about things they love! We had a lesson a few weeks ago about drawing awesome illustrations! We don't just draw with pencil or stick figures anymore! Here are a few examples:


Some days we have 15-20 minutes to write. Some days we end up with only 5! However, this notebook entry shows that incomplete entries are ok! Because if you finish one entry one day and you have extra time, you can go back and reread what you write and finish your illustrations!

Aren't they already great authors?

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